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Karley specializes in providing compassionate support for individuals struggling with anxiety and depressive disorders. Here, you’ll find a safe and understanding environment to explore your feelings and discover effective coping strategies. Karley’s goal is to empower you to navigate through life’s challenges with resilience and renewed hope. You’re not alone in this journey towards healing, and Karley is here to walk alongside you every step of the way. Welcome, and know that brighter days lie ahead!

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Our Happy Clients!

Working with Karley has been a game changer in my journey to better mental health. She is caring, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable. She listens to you and brings forth many things I wouldn't have considered as I navigate through my problems. I love how she challenges me to think and work towards being a better human with her support and understanding.
I was looking for a counselor, after not seeing one for a long time, and I just have to say that Karley was fantastic! She was kind, professional, and I felt comfortable talking to her right from the start. Every session I left feeling better than when I walked in. She cares a lot about what she does and it shows. If you’re thinking about counseling, Karley is wonderful and you will be so glad you decided to go!
I am so thankful for Karley! I always look forward to our weekly sessions. She is very professional, helpful, and is in touch on how to level with you. I never feel judged or scared of opening up, which is super important to me!
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