Depression is the 2nd most common mental health disorder in the US. It is the highest leading cause of disability, which leaves us unable to work and enjoy daily activities. 

The cause of depression is limitless: biological, psychological, and social factors are the primary sources. Because no two people experience depression the same, it can be hard to find right the answers and support. 

Depression is not something you can just snap out of!

Karley understands the vicious cycle of depression and how devastating the effects are. With Karley’s support, you will identify the cause, understand yourself and why your nervous system responds as it does, learn coping skills, and make the changes needed to stop the cycle in its tracks.


$175 / 1x
  • Treatment Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Paperwork


$150 / session
  • Emotional Processing
  • Skill Building
  • Goal Progress


$0 / 1x
  • Meet Karley
  • Learn Therapy Styles
  • Ask Questions

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