Anxiety is one of the most common and uncomfortable feelings we can experience. It is the constant dread and worry that dictates our every move and controls our lives. 

“What if I fail? What if everyone judges me? What if this turns out to be a disaster? What if something bad happens?” 

But what if everything turns out just fine?

Prolonged exposure to anxiety can negatively affect our overall health. Untreated anxiety can lead to depression, decrease in immune system, increased level of cortisol (yucky hormone), and more. 

With the help of Karley, you will learn more about your anxiety, the cause and triggers, find new ways to cope, and work to rewire your brain so anxiety no longer controls you, rather you control it!

Price List

Individual Intake - $150.00

Therapy intakes include filling out the proper forms, consultation, identifying therapy goals, and building a treatment plan. Initial intakes are only required once, then followed by an individual therapy session.

Individual Session - $100.00

Following the Individual Intake, the therapy work begins. The therapy sessions consist of emotional processing, working towards therapy goals, and building skills to help you maintain a healthier mind.

Consultation - $0.00

Before signing up for therapy, enjoy one free consultation to talk about your therapy goals and gain an understanding of how HBCS can help!

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